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Are you ready to put your self-care first?

More and more research is showing the incredible power of preventative medicine. The big secret is all quite basic - eating well, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, managing stress,…  What the research shows is that these basics can actually prevent up to 80% of serious chronic disease - heart disease, diabetes and even cancer. It’s not 100%, and sometimes these conditions do seem to come out of nowhere, but 80% is certainly worth the effort. What I find in practice, is that these foundations are also the cure for many of the health complaints that bring people in to see me - IBS, PMS, fatigue, anxiety, body pains, period issues, perimenopause, and more. 

But what I’ve noticed is that many of us aren’t really doing the basics well. Life is so busy that our basic self-care habits are falling apart. We’re not eating like we know we should, exercise is the first thing to go when life is stressful, and there’s more and more caffeine to get through the busy days instead of enough hours of sleep. 

If your health is suffering - with digestive issues, fatigue, hormone imbalance, burnout, immune issues, pain, and more because you're forgetting about your own self-care, I invite you to join me to really learn how to integrate this into your busy and demanding life.

I’m passionate about helping women to achieve better health, and even more importantly teaching you how to take care of your own health for the long-term. 

In 12 weeks, learn real and practical tools to make your health and self-care a priority - with PLENTY of support along the way. 


"The path to empowered health program came at a time when I was feeling a little out of control. My health was OK, but I wasn't contributing to it or feeling my best. This program helped me to focus and take charge. I learned so much about what is good for my body and mind and the tools were easy and practical to use. I feel that I've made sustainable change in how I eat and manage stress especially. I feel stronger and balanced and like I can get back on track whenever I need to because of the tools and resources from this program."

- Jennifer
Empowered Health Program participant

"I have had an insatiable craving for sugar for as long as I can remember.  I’d need to eat desert after each meal and chocolate at least once a day.  Rather than continuing to fight an unending and exhausting battle with sugar, in the program I learned the underlying reasons for my cravings and how they can be addressed.  I no longer need to fight the cravings, instead, I can gently focus on their cause.  It is now so much easier to eat well and I really feel good about myself."

- Carol
Empowered Health Program participant

"This program is vital if you wish to bring consistency of self-care into your Life. Now stop: take a breath... and prioritize yourself, so it can benefit you and others! Love yourself!"

- Anonymous
Empowered Health Program participant

"The program was a good way to view your health- and manage it proactively- from a 360 degree view. The worksheets and resources provided valuable information that I can continually revisit even after the 12 weeks had ended."

- Vicki
Empowered Health Program participant

"I very much enjoyed Dr. Shawna’s program. It helped me a lot with self care, I got into meditation properly for first time,started practicing gratitude and it helped me stop being so hard on myself. I printed all the material and it will serve as a reminder going forward. Thank you Dr. Shawna."

- Penny
Empowered Health Program Participant

"Five months postpartum my baby weight wasn’t going anywhere. I was frustrated and discouraged – nothing fit. After months of maternity wear, I wanted desperately to wear my regular clothes and feel like myself again. The [Empowered Health] program helped me to focus, set reasonable goals and implement small changes that have had a huge pay off. After just 12 weeks, I can slip into my favorite pair of jeans and am confident that the last 3-4 pounds will be gone in a few weeks."

- Anonymous
Empowered Health Program Participant

What's included in the program?

This is a 12 week program with video lessons, delivered once per week. It also includes simple worksheets for each lesson to catalyze immediate change.

Learn how to nourish your body well, and the most important considerations with both nutrition. Find the balance between food as fuel, medicine and pleasure. 

Fuel your body with the right kind of movement, matched to your energy levels and hormone balance. Optimize sleep to refill the tank. 

Consistently build in a daily practice that activates the relaxation response. Learn various tools ranging from meditation, to a restorative yoga practice, gratitude and more. 

Create hormonal harmony. Understand how to identify hormone imbalance, how your stress, nutrition and movement all affect hormones, and simple steps to restore hormone balance.

Reset gut function. Did you know that your digestive health affects your mood, weight, energy, immune system and more? Dive in now with strategies to rebalance, repair and renew.

Detox your home, personal care products, foods and reduce other toxin exposures. Support your own detoxification systems - skin, colon, kidneys and liver on a daily basis.

The key with any program or system is to build in 'flexible consistency', and a solid plan for when new stresses hit. Learn how to balance your self-care, regardless of the circumstances.

"Your belief in yourself is the most telling factor determining your level of success and happiness." Examine how your language can limit your success, and practice the process of turing beliefs into action.

Healing requires the bridge of community and connection. Explore your relationships and how to get out of the care-taker role, and into one with balanced support.


Free eBook

My 80+ page eBook "Ten Keys to Optimal Women's Health" is one of your free bonuses with this program. This guide goes through the 10 most important steps to determine where your underlying health imbalances are, and insight on where to start now to optimize your health.

4 Week Meal Plan with Recipes

Have you ever wondered how to eat for energy, mood and hormone balance? I've included a carefully balanced menu with shopping list to support your burnout recovery, optimize energy and increase your intake of nutrient dense foods. 

Guided Meditations

I have recorded three body and health-affirming guided meditations. They are all less than 15 minutes so you can easily fit this into your busy life. Building in tools for stress reduction and resetting the stress response is an invaluable part of stress management. 

Vitamin & Supplement Discount

For the duration of this 10 week program, you will receive a 20% discount at the Darou Wellness online supplement store. You can find both professional lines of nutritional supplements, and a full range of health products. 

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There are three ways to join the program. The most popular includes 3 one-on-one consultations, along with the 12 week online program. The other options are for those of you who are self-motivated to dive into the material with just the online portion of the 12 week program. Read below for the full details.

12 Week Online Program + 3 One-on-One Sessions


($499 paid now)

12 Weekly Online Modules: video lesson + downloadable lesson + worksheets.

3 one-on-one coaching / Naturopathic sessions with Dr. Shawna Darou (in-person or via Skype).

12 weekly group online coaching sessions

Access to private Facebook group for group for support & daily coaching.

Lifetime access to all of the online coaching materials.


Fee breakdown:

  • $465 is covered by your Naturopathic benefits if in Ontario ($155 per visit, due at the time of your visit).
  • $499 + HST paid now for the online portion only. This portion is not covered by your extended health benefits. 

12 Week Online Program (one-time payment)


one-time payment

12 Weekly Online Modules: video lesson + downloadable lesson + worksheets

12 weekly group online coaching sessions.

Access to private Facebook group for group support & daily coaching. 

Lifetime access to all of the online coaching materials. 


Fee breakdown:

  • $550 + HST paid now for the 12 week online program, including bonuses & lifetime access.
  • This does not include one-on-one sessions with Dr. Shawna Darou, and is not covered by extended health benefits. 

12 Week Online Program (4 monthly payments)


per month (4 monthly payments)

12 Weekly Online Modules - video lesson + downloadable lesson + worksheets.

12 weekly group online coaching sessions.

Access to private Facebook group for group support & daily coaching.

Lifetime access to all of the online coaching materials. 


Fee breakdown:

  • $140 + HST paid monthly for 4 months for the 12 week online program, including bonuses & lifetime access.
  • This does not include one-on-one sessions with Dr. Shawna Darou, and is not covered by extended health benefits. 

Pricing Breakdown - Online Portion

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. My life is really busy right now, can I go at my own pace?  Yes, certainly. You will be sent each lesson on a once per week  schedule for 12 weeks, but the pace is completely up to you. Each lesson is a small bite of information so you can easily implement changes. 

  2. Do you provide vitamin and supplement recommendations in this program?  That depends. If you are participating in the program that includes in-office visits, there may be vitamin and supplement recommendations. In the fully online program, there are no supplement recommendations.My belief is that at least 80% of health is in the foundations: nutrition, movement, stress, downtime, mindset. 

  3. What kind of support do you offer? My tech team is available for support Monday-Friday during regular office hours. If you have more questions, we are easy to reach by email!

  4. Do I get lifetime access to the video lessons?  Yes you do! Once you have purchased this program, it is yours to keep for as long as you like. 

  5. Is this going to take up lots of my time?  Each video lesson is about 15-20 minutes in duration, so you can digest each piece of information on its own. Time for practice will depend on how much time you want to commit to - that's entirely up to you. The weekly online group Q&A sessions typically last 30-45 minutes. 

  6. Do you offer a payment plan? Yes, if you prefer we do offer a 4 month payment plan option (see above).

  7. I'm in! When do I get access to the lessons? Fantastic! You'll get access to the Empowered Health Program immediately!


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